David Ooi, 26 years old

Against all odds.

David OoiDavid came from a very poor albeit hardworking family. While in school, David  did odd jobs to help out his family and this includes rummaging through rubbish heaps looking for recyclable items to sell.

The admirable thing about David is that he does not sit around and feel bad about the tough situations he was faving. He was working hard to help generate money for the family but he was also working hard studying for a better future.

David was a top student in school and was eventually accepted into Universiti Sains Malaysia for an engineering course. It was while he was in university, he met Arthur and Mei Yap and through their inspirational coaching, he realized that his LIFE was meant for bigger things. David did not just set into the inspirational pattern of thinking but he acted upon it.  He got himself out of university to concentrate full time on ESABEE and made his first RM1, 000, 000 in just a one year  time frame!